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August 18, 2011

Fearless Danielle is out of her Shell… (Danielle)

Danielle Albert

I have been trying to live a new life, a fearless life. Due to some sudden endings and changes in life, I have had time to clear my head and reflect with God. I realized that my whole life has fit into a little box of fear. I have been too afraid to do this, eat that, jump this. I vowed I would try to live a fearless life physically and spiritually. Why should I deny life because of fear? God takes care of me, that’s the only thing that should matter.

To be quite honest, my motive for this new Fearless Danielle was to win my ex-boyfriend back. Dangerous and dumb, yes, I know. After the sad realization that he was not coming back nor do I want him back right now, I got to thinking what the real motive of Fearless Danielle was. I figured out that I want to live fearless because that is what God wants me to do. We are called as Christians to live whole-heartedly in Christ; fear inhibits that so I vowed to kick my fearlessness into action.

My first fearless act was first and foremost to surrender everything to God. I laid every emotion, both positive and negative, upon the Lord. The next step was to venture into my eating habits. I had my first hamburger in about thirteen years. The reason why I never ate anything other then chicken or turkey and was such a picky eater was because my ten year-old self did not like it so that mindset was stuck. The burger was delicious!

Next step, ride some roller coasters. I was terrified (ask my best guy friends; I did not say one word until that first ride was over). At the end of the day, I rode one of the most extreme coasters and loved it!

I have just become braver in life; where squeezing through cars on my bike in the busy city streets is becoming the norm. Or hopping over a thirty-foot drop to the roof next door is becoming a habit.

A few days ago, I came across a verse in 2 Timothy (1:7) that read, “The spirit that God has given us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.” What a reassurance! Today at church, I let God flood my heart, eyes closed, hands raised. God lifted me up. I saw myself float upward, my feet never left the ground but I was transported toward the sky, where I was greeted with warmth. I saw the people below me still worshiping but tens of feet below me. God gave me this vision straight from His heart to mine. I am His child no matter what. Whether there is a broken heart or confusion on my path in life, I am to keep faith in Him and Him alone. I am special, uniquely special under the eyes of the Lord.

I am liking this new Fearless Danielle. She is finally out of her shell!

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September 3, 2010

He’s Working It Out (Marie)

August 7, 2010

Fourteen years ago I had been admonished by several leaders to give up a battle I was in with a con artist. But I could not see my financial empire taken from me by him or anyone else. Months went by…years went by…and my finances dwindled but I would not give in. Almost bankrupt, the judge finally told me what I wanted to hear. I won…I beat the con artist at his own game…I….I…I…I…Down deep I was telling God I could do this by myself…I thought. Here it is 14 years later and it pops up again…only this time, my finances are gone and if it wasn’t for my youngest sister I probably would not have a roof over my head. But, God is blessing me in spite of myself.

This August 4th the worst (I thought) financial crisis shattered me. I wrestled with it, tossed and turned, could not sleep throughout the night, woke up thinking about it, and finally I prayed. I said, “Lord, you told me to give this up 14 years ago and I didn’t. Would you please give me peace about truly giving up this problem? But I want you to be fair…okay?”

I spoke with a couple confidant connections and was stirred again to fight…to “be a good steward over what God has given you.”

I attended Connect Group that evening all set to garner information to fight. Shared part of this testimony with Hue and we talked extensively. I felt I should fight. However, at the very end of our conversation Hue asked me if I would be willing to walk away. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I said “yes” with my lips, but my heart wasn’t in it. I wasn’t at all at peace when I left Connect Group. In fact I cried all the way home. That night was the worst night I had in a very, very long time. I think I have a tiny inkling how Jacob must have felt when he wrestled with the Lord. Songs and scriptures turned over and over in my spirit…”Give it to Jesus”…”He will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed on Him”…”Jesus can work it out if you let Him”…”Cast your cares on me”…”Let the peace of God rule down in your heart”…”Let not your heart be troubled”…and on and on. That morning I continued to vacillate between “yes” and “no way am I going to give this up”, back and forth until finally I sat at my computer and reluctantly started typing the letter to give up my property. I could not believe what I was doing…but oh, the peace that came. I now know what the peace that passes all understanding feels like. I thanked God for his peace. I told my sister, “I feel like flying. I’m free.” I went to the bank, had the letter notarized and dropped it in the mail. The peace of God overwhelmed me and I told myself, “I’m going to stand on God’s Word- I can do all things through Him.”

“That problem that I had

I couldn’t seem to solve

I tried and I cried

But kept getting deeper involved

So I turned it over to Jesus

And I stopped worrying about it

I turned it over to the Lord

And He’s working it out.”