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July 16, 2013

Testimonies from Street Outreach (Tommy & Clive)

Tommy & Clive shared some incredible testimonies on Sunday about how God is working in our community and city through us sharing His love! — You can listen to those stories, and how they tied into Sunday’s sermon on our podcast

February 1, 2013

Healed (Marie)

Listen to this great story of God’s miraculous healing shared by Marie:

Recorded Sunday, January 27th, 2013 at Church in the City

September 13, 2012

Healing & Blessing (Kate)

Listen to this great story of God’s healing & blessing shared by Kate:

Recorded Sunday, September 9th, 2012 at Church in the City

June 20, 2011

Hoping for the Long Haul (Vanessa)

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.”  Luke 18:1
We don’t know exactly how it works, but Jesus uses the example of a woman who petitions an unjust judge so much that he eventually helps her to teach us not to give up praying. We know that our God is so good all the time and always wants good things for us, like health and healing, yet sometimes these things delay. The hope in the midst of the delay and the courage to continue asking are challenging but rewarding parts of this testimony sent by Vanessa.
Hello friends~
I want to give testimony to the goodness of our God, to his healing power in our lives and His great love for each of us.
I have struggled with chronic back pain and headaches since I was a child.  I remember my first of many chiropractic appointments was around age 5 and my mom was sending Tylenol to school with me in Kindergarten already, for the headaches.  My doctor at the time, didn’t want to approve the Tylenol at school because he said a child my age shouldn’t be experiencing headaches.  I’ve pretty much been dependent on chiropractic care my whole life, sometimes more than others.  At times I would even go twice a week but always needed to go at least once a month and still was never pain free.  I believe God has revealed to me that the pain was due to deeper emotional struggles and hurts that I didn’t deal with.
I began coming forward for prayer for my back about 2 years ago at church.  I felt God prompt me to trust Him and step out in faith, which was a big deal for me in the first place.  I didn’t want to be disappointed and didn’t want to “put myself out there”.  I also felt silly because I thought my pain maybe wasn’t bad enough for God to heal and others with more serious illness, needed it more.
This is not to elevate anyone, but I would be remiss to not share that I’m so thankful to Chris and Nancy and also the rest of the ministry team, for faithfully praying and stepping out in faith to see healing and trust for the impossible in people’s lives.  You truly bless the body by your love and faith for people.
We’ve prayed many times for my back and each time, I began seeing some healing…the headaches started to decrease, my back pain slowly got better, some of the prayer times I actually experienced God’s hands moving parts of my back into alignment and strengthening other areas.  One area where I experienced a lot of pain, in my right shoulder blade, is now completely pain free – praise God!  The pain in my shoulder blade had been constant before, and was getting so bad that I was having trouble sleeping because of it.  I responded to words of knowledge, we kept praying and now I can say I’m completely healed in my back, but also have come into a rest and peace that I’ve never known.  Thank you Lord!
I have been blown away by the love of the Father and how He cares so much for us.  Its been over 6 months now since I’ve been to the chiropractor and over a year since I’ve needed to go regularly.  I never expected healing like this or to be touched so personally by the Father.  He truly is good and we can trust Him with everything.
March 16, 2011

Healing Testimony (Val)

Got any doubts? Me too! But guess what, God’s kingdom is coming anyway! Thank you, Val, for sharing this wonder-full and honest testimony. It was such an encouragement to me.

Healing Testimony – February 21, 2011

I’ve had problems with my right leg most of my life, and over the past couple of years the pain has gotten worse, settling in my lower back and along my sciatic nerve.

About four months ago, Gerry Ching gave a testimony about being healed. He’d been having pain in his lower back and sciatic nerve as well. It turned out that one of his legs was shorter than the other, and when the Equip group at the Whiteley’s prayed for him, it grew and the pain went away. As I listened, I had the sense that perhaps I had the same problem.

While I had no doubt at all that Gerry’s story was true, I was still a bit skeptical. I came up in the ‘70s during the Jesus movement when it seemed that every other person was healed of either a short leg or short arm, and I knew from experience that those healings are very easy to fake. Therefore, even though I suspected that it was the Holy Spirit telling me that I shared this “short leg syndrome”, I didn’t tell anyone, ever.

At last Sunday’s Equip meeting, again at the Whiteley’s, three of us asked for prayer for lower back and leg pain. We broke into groups, and I was surrounded by Nancy, Monica and Janelle. Although the short leg possibility immediately came to mind, I decided not to say anything, telling God that if this was the problem, he would have to reveal it to one of them.

As they lay hands on my back and right hip, I clearly felt the power of God moving though my body. However, each time I tested my leg, by “marching”, I felt pain. Finally Nancy looked at me and said, “Have you ever had your legs measured?” Bingo! Right then I thought, “Here we go God!” I sat down in a chair, positioned my spine against the back, and stuck out my legs. Sure enough, all three of the women said my right leg was shorter than the left.

With my eyes closed and Nancy kneeling in front of me, my feet in her hands, Monica started to pray, commanding my leg to grow. The instant she spoke I felt a strange pull in my leg, and I’ll be honest – I was really surprised! My eyes flew open at the same time I suddenly slipped forward in my chair. Nancy had the same look of amazement in her eyes, and asked if I had moved myself forward. Since I had just silently asked myself the same question, I knew the answer was no. Something had happened in my leg, and I didn’t do it! Nancy asked me to stand and march again, and this time there was no pain. We measured, and sure enough, both legs were the same length.

What really gets me, the real evidence of God’s goodness and love, is that he did the miracle in my body when I still had doubts. He taught me long ago that it’s okay to say, like the father in scripture, “I believe, help my unbelief!” Last summer I experienced the healing of two abscesses in my teeth at a time when I knew in my head but not necessarily my heart that he would heal me. In his wonderful mercy and grace he is showing me that he is willing and able to work through our mixed feelings. Praise God, he is wonderful, and I am healed!


January 26, 2011

A Renewed and Healed Mind

Read this testimony Derek sent, and be encouraged: God is not finished with you! He has so much more freedom for each of us to realize.


This is a testimony of God healing me of panic disorder and agoraphobia. For nearly 20 years of my life I had been on medications and other treatment for the irrational and debilitating fear associated with these sicknesses. For the past 15 months I have not needed medication or treatment. My healing has not been an instant one, instead it has been a journey as my mind continues to be renewed and I believe the report of Isaiah 53 and 54. As the fiery darts of the enemy come, Holy Spirit continues to lead me to refreshing places that quench them.

A significant part of my journey has been and continues to be understanding, believing, and acknowledging the report of how good God really is. God has used many scriptures and people in the church to bring about this healing, so many that I can’t mention them all here. Certainly, the most significant thing that God taught me through others at church is the truth that it is not God’s will for us to be sick. As I look back before God healed me, there were two errors in my thinking that kept me in sickness. They were that God was using my sickness to “teach me a lesson” or that my sickness was a “punishment” for sin in my life.

I’ve listed below a few of the most significant scriptures to me for the release of healing in my life. I trust as you read them in context that healing and freedom will come to you. Through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ be healed!

Isaiah 53:4-5 At the cross, Jesus took our grief, sorrow, sickness and pain and was wounded so that we may have peace and healing.

Isaiah 54:9-10 In the same prophecy announcing the coming of Jesus, God takes an oath to never be angry with us again, instead He promises lovingkindness, peace and compassion.

James 1:17 and throughout gospels: Every good and perfect gift (including healing) comes from Him. Every bad thing (opposite of a gift, a curse I guess) comes from the devil. Jesus’ example on this one is super encouraging. He knew the will of the Father and He never gave anyone sickness or cursed them to teach a lesson, train or punish, but He always exercised authority to bring healing and wholeness.

Acts 3:6 and others: The apostles didn’t ask God to heal someone, they exercised their authority (the authority given to them and us by Jesus) to bring healing and wholeness.

1John 4:18 God’s love casts out fear, and fear exists where there is a possibility for punishment. God is not counting our sins against us (2Cor 3:19) to punish us, instead he already counted our sins against Jesus.

Colossians 1:23 and 2:6 The instruction here is to carry on believing just as you first believed (when I first believed, I hadn’t done anything to earn God’s favor or reward, no prayer-other than my first, no quiet time, no reading of the Bible, fully sinful, unable to stop sinning, yet because I responded to the free gift He gave with His belief I was reborn). It is this same simple belief that we are encouraged to continue today.

John 15:27 Jesus gives His peace to us and commands us to “not let our hearts be troubled or afraid.” Where Jesus seems to give a difficult command (don’t be troubled or afraid) He actually provides the resource, “peace” so that we can exercise our authority to “not let our hearts be troubled or afraid”. He doesn’t give the command unless He has already provided the resources.

I have also been encouraged considering the powerful original Greek words used and translated most often into English as “save” and “salvation” in the books of the new testament. “Sozo” (Strong’s G4982) – to save, preserve, or heal and “soteria” (Strong’s G4991) – rescue, deliver, and health.

There are many more specifics of prophecies and prayer for me. If you are sick, I don’t intend for my experience to be a “secret sauce” formula for you. Holy Spirit is the “secret sauce” and He will teach us the truth about healing because He already knows how it works. My journey receiving healing from God did not happen overnight, I was not immediately convinced of these truths, it took time to process these scriptures.  I trust that your journey will be much shorter.

It is truly amazing how much my life changed when I really believed the report of God’s goodness and favor that never run out. As thankful as I am for my healing, I am even more thankful to be blessed with a greater understanding that God is for me and with me all the time and nothing will ever separate us. Glory to God, freedom for all who believe!


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November 4, 2010

Bringing the Kingdom of Peace to Work (Amy Jo)

This testimony from Amy Jo is so encouraging to see because sometimes it is hard to grasp just how God is using us in the workplace. This example can help you lift your eyes to see the bigger picture of how you are impacting your world at work, and as we pray for one another. Thank you for passing on your testimony Amy Jo!

Amy Jo emailed Mat & Sheetal’s connect group on a Tuesday morning and we prayed for her that night. We got the 2nd response email from her a couple of days later…


Hello Connect Group…
I have a prayer request that I was hoping you could lift up today and tomorrow… I am in Las Vegas for work. (It is a managers meeting for one of our divisions.) Because there are significant interpersonal issues between the leadership level and the next level down, I was brought in to facilitate a teaming event that has the potential to either be really really great, or totally erupt into a disaster.

My prayer is that for no apparent reason, my voice is gone… I have a feeling like my throat is totally closed up and I am actually having trouble speaking and when I do, it is really hoarse and difficult to hear… [I do not have a cold or any allergy symptoms what so ever). I am also experiencing pretty severe anxiety to the point of nausea. I do this kind of thing all the time so really feel like I am under some other type of warfare. This is very unlike me… Butterflies, yes… the other stuff… no.

I just feel there is a real opportunitiy to heal some really poor working relationships and possibly start mending bridges where leadership by fear and manipulation has been prevalent.

Thank you for your offering of support and prayer. My meeting is tomorrow from 8-12n…
Many blessings,
Amy Jo


Dear Friends,
I cannot tell you how much your prayers, emails, texts meant to me this past week…. And I know it is no surprise to any of you that yes, God showed up in a big way.

When I woke up that morning, the first thing I felt was an overwelming sense of being in the most luscious sleeping bag possible… It was such a profound peace… I can’t really describe it… and I knew immediately that my voice was back. The next thing that I remember thinking was this scripture: Mat 10:19  ‘….do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say…

That morning, it was evident that the group of people I was going to work with were not pleased to be there (doing another ‘fluffy’ HR thing). They were all tired from being out ‘playing’ in Vegas the night before, and unbeknownst to me, a major organizational announcement had been made that just added insult to injury. Things were just poised for disaster.

But God is a God of truth and when truth needs to be spoken God gives us the words; as he did with me. The activity took on a life of its own, the result of which was very powerful. Specificallly, relationships between two different sets of people were restored and several others significantly impacted. The post-session comments and emails continue to speak of a sense of unity between the two groups that has never existed.

It is humbling to really think about how small all things are compared to how MIGHTY the Lord is… and even more humbling that no matter how many times we forget this, He still pursues us with the love of a perfect Father.

All glory to Him and thanks to those who He uses to bring pieces of His kingdom to earth.
Blessings and thanks,
Amy Jo

September 1, 2010

The New Normal (Tommy in Belize)

Here’s a testimony from Tommy’s recent trip in Belize. So sweet how God uses our normal times of going about our days to bring His kingdom when we are prepared for Him to do so. There has been so much ministry lately, locally and traveling – please send me any testimonies you have and declare God’s goodness! Don’t hold back people, it’s the internet: you aren’t going to use up it’s space.

Tommy, but not in Belize. :) Photo courtesy Nate Tubbs

July 2010

“I just returned from photographing a destination wedding in Belize.
While I was there traveling with Beki Gangi, a friend and fellow
photographer, we were looking for cheap hotel rooms. In the town of
San Pedro, we saw a “Rooms for Rent” sign hanging, so we inquired on
the second floor. A woman came to the door and followed us back down
the stairs to show us the rooms. As we made normal friendly chit-chat,
she hobbled down the stairs and said life was hard and she lived in
constant pain from her knee, which made it extremely difficult to get
around and run her business and live life with any kind of joy. She
had already been to the States to have one surgery but expects to
return for another. We decided not to stay at this hotel because it
was only for week long rentals, but as we were leaving, I asked if I
could pray for her knee. She gladly accepted, and I commanded the knee
to be healed 100% and for all restoration. I had her test it out, so
she began walking up the stairs then basically floating up the stairs!
Her mouth was wide open. She explained to me that she couldn’t do
anything even close to that before and showed me how she used to take
each step at a time, use her hands and both feet would land on each
step, etc., but now she could walk like any normal healthy person! So
she’s ecstatic, and we walk into her living room. I ask how much
better it is. She replies, “80% better.” “Praise God!! Let’s pray for
100%” So we went at it again, this time Beki had returned and joined
in. Right after, she was testing it out, moving, bending, squatting,
etc. and had NO pain! I explained that Jesus is still very much alive
and heals, and so on. She said she is a believer but doesn’t have much
passion and doesn’t read the Word much. We ended up praying for the
baptism of the Spirit, and she was so so happy. Immediately after, her
husband comes home and she rattles off in excited Spanish how she was
healed and he exclaims, “Pray for me too!” His knee was also bad. So,
we went for it, commanding the knee to be healthy. He tested it out
and said it was about 80% better! We thanked God for what He had done
and then commanded 100% healing in Jesus’ name. He tested it out and
was in shock. We were there for another 20 minutes, at least, and he
kept testing it and no pain was left! Their grandson sat through the
whole thing and I was able to share the Good News with them. They all
proclaimed to know Jesus, but I’m sure this was a tangible experience
of His love either way! As I was leaving, the woman teared up, “The
Lord has sent you here to us today!!” What an awesome chance to be
living normal life and seize the opportunity to show the Gospel in
Word and Power. Hallelujah!!


August 20, 2010

No more pain in the neck! (Karen)

This is from Karen a few weeks ago…Thanks Karen!

Hello Everyone,

Some of you know I went to a leadership conference (recently) in Atlanta with a group from my church.  It was a great time & God did some awesome things while we were there.

I just wanted to let you know that on Wed night a few of my friends prayed for my neck & it was healed!  Six years ago my brothers and I were in a car accident and I got whiplash.  I’ve had pain on and off in my neck ever since.  I’ve gone to the chiropractor and gotten massages, but the pain comes back.  It’s amazing that I have had NO pain in my neck since Wed & I can move it around without any stiffness.  Praise Jesus!! 🙂

Also,  on our way back to Chicago some of us prayed for this guy Scott to have his neck healed (he’s had some major nerve pinching, etc).  Afterwords  said it was weird because his neck didn’t hurt as much, and we saw him taking off his neck brace as he walked away down the street.  We’re praying that his neck is healed completely.

Praise God!  He is good and heals!! 🙂


August 14, 2010

Drawn by Grace (Elisabeth)

Below is just a piece of an incredible lifetime of testimony (that has been and is yet to come!) from Elisabeth.  Read how God has worked to bring both emotional and physical healing as she tenderly responded to Him.

Also check out this awesome testimony I “overheard” from Tommy’s facebook.

Elisabeth 2009/2010

“God loves to take a mess and make a message so His glory and grace shines through. God has been so gracious to show me His mercy and magnificence and take my mess and make His message. I was broken and bitter when God pointed me to CITC. I came because that was what I was supposed to do, and I had to check off the boxes to continue to prove I was good enough to keep His forgiveness.

Due to things that happened during my upbringing, I was fully aware of my sinful nature. When I found Jesus, I got into this pattern where I would just keep doing things in order to show God that I was really trying to learn to love and be good enough, hoping maybe He wouldn’t take back His forgiveness of my past if I was good enough. Jamie and Nate were only a stone’s throw away from me, so I figured that was as good a place as any to start. I didn’t realize that God was going to show me the true meaning of grace and healing at the little Church in the City.

My intention was to fill a seat at the church. But God had other ideas. I went to the women’s retreat with Jamie because I didn’t have anything better to do at the time, but God met me there. Steve had previously told me to stop thinking so much and try to experience God’s presence after I came to him with a list of 27 questions my second week at church. During the women’s retreat was the first time I ever felt truly accepted and loved by Him. I felt wrapped in His loving arms, and rocked like the daughter that I am for the first time in my life. Total acceptance by God. It was amazing. As I enjoyed the presence of my Papa like I never had before, there was an extra gift. My Papa had healed my hip, and I began to physically jump for the first time in my life. It was an extra touch that I never expected, but rather had been afraid of until that moment. I couldn’t stop jumping and yelling about how I was jumping. God had done more for me than I had ever thought I deserved in that moment.

Steve talked about this first healing the next Sunday and told everyone how it was the first time I’d ever jumped. And as I began to thank God and to think about this, my Papa helped me realize that I was going to jump more, and that He was wanting so many others to “jump” as well- He gave me this acronym: Jesus Unleashes Miraculous Purpose, and told me that He wanted to do that for others as well. He wants all His children to “JUMP”!

Jamie gave me a book called “Living in the Grace of God” by Rob Rufus, because I had begun to struggle with the memories of my past. And what I thought was, “Oh, isn’t that sweet? But nobody can understand what I’m going through right now.” I began to read the book to distract my mind. I began to see that grace wasn’t just a nice Christian platitude. It’s the backbone of who we really can be, and who we really are in God’s eyes. That book needs a warning label, because if you want to be the person that I started out to be in God’s kingdom, a seat warmer, I warn you: Don’t read the book.  I began to see that I was driven by guilt, not drawn by grace.  One of the many ways understanding His grace has changed my life is that my attitude toward people and myself has become more relaxed.

Well if that wasn’t enough, God poured out His presence again in my life in a very visible way. I was walking down the church aisle to answer my phone and my weak ankle snapped, as it has several times before, and I fell to the ground.  As I was laying there in excruciating pain thinking, “Okay, God, now what?”, Mat and Christian came over to see what had happened. My ankle began to swell and I couldn’t get up. I knew Mat was a doctor so I knew I’d be okay. But then I thought, “Let’s pray first, before going to the hospital”.  I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew that it was okay to ask and I knew that God loved me enough just because I was His baby girl. So we began to pray, and I felt led to let go of some of my bitterness and fear, like I had done the first time. The swelling ankle reduced and God repaired it even better than it was. I’ve learned that enough is never enough with God. He wants to open up and pour His love into our lives every second of the day. All we have to do is jump into His arms.

Elisabeth Grace