Healing in Mongolia (Quantas)

Check out this amazing testimony from the recent ministry trip to Mongolia!


I received a healing testimony from Mongolia today via FB. Ganji, one of the pastors of the local church, sent me an email saying that an old woman I prayed for was healed of her heart condition. After the church service where Mat spoke, he called up people who needed healing and people who wanted to start a business. He laid hands on each of them and then sometimes he would have me to continue to pray for them. One of them was this old woman who had a heart condition. I prayed in English, she spoke Mongolian. Below is the email I got from Ganji.

Dear Quantas,

How are you doing?

Do you remember that you helped with the clinic check up for church people here. One of the old lady who had heart problem and you prayed for her healing.
She came to me and said her heart healed completely after you prayed and didn’t have pain again.
And she asked your name and said -I will be praying for him.
I believe this is encouraging for you.
If you have any prayer requests write to me and I will tell her to pray about when she pray for you.


– Quantas


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