No more pain in the neck! (Karen)

This is from Karen a few weeks ago…Thanks Karen!

Hello Everyone,

Some of you know I went to a leadership conference (recently) in Atlanta with a group from my church.  It was a great time & God did some awesome things while we were there.

I just wanted to let you know that on Wed night a few of my friends prayed for my neck & it was healed!  Six years ago my brothers and I were in a car accident and I got whiplash.  I’ve had pain on and off in my neck ever since.  I’ve gone to the chiropractor and gotten massages, but the pain comes back.  It’s amazing that I have had NO pain in my neck since Wed & I can move it around without any stiffness.  Praise Jesus!! 🙂

Also,  on our way back to Chicago some of us prayed for this guy Scott to have his neck healed (he’s had some major nerve pinching, etc).  Afterwords  said it was weird because his neck didn’t hurt as much, and we saw him taking off his neck brace as he walked away down the street.  We’re praying that his neck is healed completely.

Praise God!  He is good and heals!! 🙂



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